Blending the highly specialized staff capable of overcoming problems by devising most appropriate, swiftest and practical solutions, with an in-depth experience accumulated since 1993, culminating in useful reflections to its manufacturing and service processes, BİRKA has turned out to be a giant in the label industry through a progressively roaring performance... Acting across the motto "there is nothing incurable", BİRKA boasts a structure allowing the company to finalize the job through all available means regardless of how hard it is, develop alternatives when necessary and present highly satisfactory solutions to the customer.

Equipped with all technical and essential infrastructure, BİRKA closely monitors the trend and reflects all technological means to its manufacturing and service processes... Relying to an extensive physical background encompassing all essential equipment ranging from printing machines ensuring full performance as far as printing quality and speed is concerned to communication tools, and from sophisticated computers guaranteeing most demanding graphics to all prepress equipment, BİRKA is aware of the fact that quality is the crop of those making the best of technology.

The pace of manufacturing and service in Turkey, which is classified as a developing country, is an important issue gradually gaining weight day by day... BİRKA acts meticulously and sensitively to complete a job punctually complete with a seamless deliverable... the philosophy of operating fast and efficiently prevails in the post-production process as well, securing turn-key delivery to the customer as fast as possible... 

Label is a crucial component that demonstrates product quality and attributes, giving the product a sales appeal, briefly creating a marketable value... acting along this approach, BİRKA monitors the trend in the market and presents labels best fitting and prioritizing the product... besides, the company swiftly and effectively adapts all technological, social, legal, etc. developments to each unit and launches them... welcoming any suggestion and critic, BİRKA lays emphasis on building up and renewing an operational code based on an innovative and flexible policy rather than stringent principles...

Safeguarding to the utmost the principles of respect and trust in relationships with customers even within a market climate dominated by most challenging conditions, BİRKA functions on an organizational base built upon awareness of the responsibility, respecting the rules and avoiding abuse... perceiving its promises as a deed and doing its best to fulfil them, BİRKA releases a high level of trust to each addressee through a specialized taskforce flourishing since 1993, and particularly a well understanding of its responsibility...

The purpose is not simply to produce labels, but at the same time achieve punctual delivery. Acting across such an awareness, BİRKA provides the customer with a whole bunch of services spanning from order acceptance to all process work until the final phase of manufacturing.